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Shut Up and Dance….and listen to Walk The Moon

I thought it was about time this blog had a girl’s input added and what better way to introduce this fem-flare than with a song guaranteed to get your inner-80’s wild-child “like, totally psyched!” Insert Walk The Moon‘s “Shut Up and Dance,” the first release off their newest album TALKING IS HARD.  Not too many people know about this gem, but if you are a fan of nostalgia, you totally should! This 80’s inspired pop wonder has a new-age, new-wave feel, with all the synth rips to prove it. With a feel-good, easy to follow along love story as the lyrics, it’s sure to have you dancing in front of the mirror while getting ready to go out, hairbrush-mic in hand.  How can this already “totally bitchin'” song get any more awesome, you ask?!  The very accurate ode-to-the-80’s video that goes along with it! 

Check out the video for “Shut Up and Dance” and try not to bop-along….I dare you! 😉


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