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SHY Martin Navigates Independence In More Ways Than One On “Break With Me”

Swedish songwriter and artist SHY Martin is stepping into the new year with new music, a new label, and a new outlook on the role relationships play in our lives. Magnifying the mixed emotions one faces after two people become distant–whether in a romantic relationship, as friends, or even a family member–Martin details how it can be hard to cope with the feeling of being on your own without them on new tune “Break With Me.”

The tune is smooth and stirring at the same time, evoking emotions of heartache and longing, all while making you feel comfortable and at peace. The lulling guitar keeps the tune tight and steady, while the synths add hints of ambience that open up pockets of space for you to breathe along with the tune. Martin’s sweet voice emphasizes the endearing and sorrowful lyrics, especially as she coos “before the world is gonna change us, because tomorrow we’ll be strangers.” The song is bold and vulnerable, as Martin reveals:

“This year has been overwhelming in many ways. For the first time in years, I have spent a lot of time with myself and taken the space to reflect. I have thought a lot about how these strange times we are in have changed so many relationships, some that have become stronger, and others that have broken down.

“Break With Me” is the first release off of Martin’s new label SHY Recordings. The artist notes:

“During the year, I also thought about how I want to work with my music and chose to start my own record label to have full freedom every step of the way. This is the first song I will release on my own label, so it feels very special.”

With so much music on the way, we’ll continue to see SHY Martin shine as the prolific artist she is.

Photo by: Hampus Hjellström

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