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SICKOTOY Release Debut Single ‘Addicted’

Recently I was hit with the latest single from buzzing producer SICKOTOY and it has been on repeat in my headphones ever since.

Blending a number of influences, the new single, “Addicted”, featuring Minelli is the perfect cross over between club grooves, Pop aesthetics and worldly melodies.  From deep and driving basslines, to middle eastern string riffs and beautifully seductive vocals – SICKOTOY’s latest offering is designed to appeal to the masses no matter where you are from or what your personal musical tastes may consist of.  

The dynamic new release brings a perfect amount of bounce and a whole lot of sauce – rocking from beginning to end.  Beyond the production and vocals, the track sports a super clean mix, with every element sitting perfectly where it is meant to.  If you are looking for something fresh and fat from cookie cutter – check this one out. 

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