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Sidizen King Releases Sweet "Sugar Lemon Tree"

Off the heels of his debut project, recording artist Sidizen King is back with a buoyant and sunny new bop inspired by the ability to find joy in the face of uncertainty and adversity. "Sugar Lemon Tree" finds SiD teaming up with fellow Los Angeles artist Wes Period, offering a unique synergy reminiscent of Chance the Rapper's "Coloring Book". Breezy whistles, orchestral horns and fun-loving production courtesy of Sean Cook (Duckwrth, DRAM) as well as Grammy-nominated McKay Stevens, the track provides an undeniable sense of good energy that the world so desperately needs right now. The two artists explore ways to cultivate self-discovery and inner peace during the polarization, fads and sea of strong opinions that plague today's world. Optimistic yet clear, they demonstrate strength as they navigate low lows only to find their way back to higher ground. 'Sugar Lemon Tree" is hands down a solid addition to any weekend playlist.

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