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Silent Child Pushes His Sound On Latest Single ‘Fuck You’

Today we get to share a new jam that we have been sitting on for about the last month.  When Cloudkid reached out and shared the newest offering from Silent Child, we were instantly hooked.  Handling everything in house from the vocals to production, the US based artist has steadily been turning heads with his signature genre-bending sounds.

His new tune, “Fuck You“, sees the young gun taking things in a new direction, blending elements of Rock, Dubstep and Future Bass into a haunting, dark and gritty gem that we can not get enough of.  Looking to carve a lane of his one, Silent Child is unafraid to push boundaries and experiment with each new track as he pulls sounds deep from his soul.  The dynamic new release is a hard-hitting yet totally laid back tune that fires on all cylinders from beginning to end and keeps the listener hooked every step of the way.

About the release, Silent Child says, “This song, unlike my last ones, is more hateful. There really aren’t more than 2 people that I hate on this planet and one of them ruined my life and my family. So I basically made this song on behalf of all of us.This song is about that one person in your life that has brought you nothing but misery and anger. That one person that has done absolutely nothing for this world and the world would be better off without them at all.  This is me trying my best to cultivate a new genre, which is probably why this one one of my most ambitious tracks; even going as far to try a whole new vocal style for the second half to of solidify the whole Rock element of the track.

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