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Simen Mitlid Continues to Tease New Album with ‘Chaotic Good’

Having released his debut album, “Everything Is The Same”, in 2017, Norwegian singer/songwriter Simen Mitlid has quickly become a home town favorite and landed on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.  The Nordic Indie-Folk artist seems right at home amongst contemporaries like Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes and Patrick Watson, creating lush and emotive tunes for the masses.

Gearing up to release his sophomore album this fall, Simen Mitlid has recently released the third single from the project, “Chaotic Good”, and it is an absolute beaut.  The self-produced single features rhythmic acoustic guitar, minimal percussion, bass, harmonica and keys that sway beneath the sensitive, breathy, enchanting vocals from Simen Mitlid.  

While the single starts slow and dreamy, it quickly picks up into a feel good, foot tapping jam that I have been playing heavily since it was released.  The live instruments and beautiful vocals all come together to create a vibrant, warm and hypnotic tune.  If this single is any indication of what we can expect from the album, I will be patiently waiting 

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