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Singer-Songwriter Alexa Cappelli Takes on Dating in the Digital Age with "Whiplash"

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Releasing a playful take on the indecisiveness and insecurities that come along with dating in the digital age, California singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli drops a fun and captivating new hit entitled" Whiplash" on all streaming platforms. Paired with an upbeat music video where we get a glimpse into her everyday dating woes, Alexa kicks things up a notch with this catchy melodic track that many will certainly be able to relate to. The 22 year old artist started voice lessons at the age of 7. In "Whiplash" she shows off the impressive range that has landed her 24k+ followers on Spotify as well as 3M total plays. Her previous singles "Forbidden" and "SAY SOMETHING" gained organic traction on TikTok, proving Alexa's unique desire for genuine connection, as she writes music with the goal of bringing people together through what is an undebatable universal language. Add "Whiplash" to your weekend playlist today!

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