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Singer-Songwriter Gild Walton Gets Vulnerable in New Hit ‘Convince My Mind’ [VIDEO]

Hailing from California, multi-talented artist Gild Walton is stepping out to introduce herself with her debut, “Convince My Mind“. Detailing her struggle with addiction, her lyrics are poignant and relatable to many. Having turned to drug use and prostitution to pay her way through college, it seems Gild Walton has found the light at the end of the tunnel and has finally found a path to lead herself out of the dark.

With her glistening vocals soaring over a minimal piano driven production, her debut is a dark and captivating story that cuts deep. Having seen addiction get the best of people first hand, Gild Walton does an incredible job of accepting her prior circumstances and looking to the future without dwelling or letting her past decisions dictate her future. Signed to Tommy Brown lead label Champagne Therapy Music, it seems she has finally found an outlet for her woes that will not only help her recover, but will without a doubt help others along the way.

About working with Gild, Tommy Brown says, “When I first read the DM from Gild and listened I was overtaken by how simply perfect it was from top to bottom. I was blown away by not only her music but her artistic abilities- they are just so deep. I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I hear and see what I see.”

With cinematic overtones, Gild Walton delivers a lush Pop infused tune that is as haunting as it is uplifting, while a solo piano flickers as she delivers off-the-cuff confessions like, “Diamorphine don’t do shit like it used to do, It only leaves me numb.” Coming out of the gate with such an emotive, stunning debut, I have no doubt that Gild Walton has a lot more up her sleeve… and I for one will be keeping close tabs.

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