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Singer-Songwriter Tim Schou Delivering POP Vibes with New Single Release- ‘Where You Are&#821

The accomplished Danish musician Tim Schou may be a singer-songwriter, but his musical prowess doesn’t stop there! His latest single, ‘WHERE YOU ARE’ delivers listeners and fans an up-beat POP jam, filled with soulful song writing. The tune’s well written lyrics focus on the longing, for loved ones, when separated by large distance and the inability to be together. Specifically, this song seems to be a message to Tim’s special someone, while courting a long distance relationship. Of the song, Tim says, ” I remember when we had the first line ‘I look around the room, everyone is here except for you’, I got a lump in my throat. This feeling of not having your special someone with you for important moments and occasions, but at the same time knowing that they’re right there with you in your heart. Being connected to someone by more than physical touch. That’s a special feeling and I think the song captures exactly that”. With today’s current travelling restrictions, the words of Schou can really hit home for a lot of people around the globe. Being separated from your loved ones with obstacles in the way of seeing them any time in the near future can be tough. Luckily, ‘WHERE YOU ARE’ is sending musical vibes of love and togetherness without the luxury of physical touch and presence. Mainstream radio ready, with a fun POP melody that is sure to have you singing along soon after hearing it, this jam is primed to play this summer, when you’re longing for some personal connection while quarantined, like so many.

‘Where You Are’ serves as the lead single from the Danish artists debut album, amidst a career already filled with much success. With many releases and an EP under his belt, Schou has amassed over 12.7 million streams in total. The singer- songwriter is poised to expand his already successful 250k listeners per month, when he signs an international deal with [PIAS]. They will be releasing the new single as a priority worldwide! The star has also been selected to replace Justin Timberlake in the Danish version of Trolls 2. After working with and playing alongside many well known artists, Tim is ready to kick off his next step in the journey. Embarking on “The Never-ending Vagabond Tour”, Tim Schou is getting out there to meet his fans and audience. Schou’s popular touring concept allows fans to book him anywhere; houses, small venues, concerts in the living room or back yard, for a small intimately personal concert experience. The only stipulation is that there are 30 or less people present for the performance. This will lead up to his first venue solo tour across Denmark, kicking off in Oct-Nov. The tour will begin October 18th at Skuespilhuset, on the main stage, of The Royal Danish Theater. This will be the biggest solo event Shou had had on Danish soil!

Listen to more from TIM SCHOU, here:

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