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Siobhán Releases Vulnerable New Hit "Black Hole"

Introducing her debut single, London-based artist Siobhán's "Black Hole" touches on relationships, fear and the vulnerability you feel after something doesn't work out as expected. Inspired by a relationship ending and her fear of letting her guard down with someone else, "Black Hole" presents heartfelt lyrics over a danceable soundscape. Partnered with producer Jack Shute, the track has landed on Spotify's New Music Friday UK, accumulating over 30k organic streams since its release. It has subsequently been adding to Spotify's Our Generation playlist, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, Fresh Finds Indie and Fresh Finds UK and IE. Inspired by brit-indie rock guitars and electro-pop melodies, the track presented an outlet for the young artist at a time when she felt like she didn't have anyone to talk to. Emotional and relatable, "Black Hole" will quickly become your go-to in your feelings soundtrack that you've been waiting for.

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