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Sita is Back Again with ‘Low’

NYC born Nashville based artist Sita makes her return to RockDafuqOut with her latest slice of goodness, “Low”.  It was only a couple of months ago that we brought you this joint.

The seductive songstress finds her stride blending Pop sensibilities with R&B melodies and solid production to create chill and captivating releases.  On her latest, she sings about, “someone refusing to be consumed by past pain and no longer being trapped in a low place.”

While the production remains pretty mellow, it is the perfect accompaniment to the vocals.  Bright mallets, finger snaps and deep basslines come together with a bit of bounce and a lot of vibe.  The chill release allows Sita to showcase her vocal abilities and lyrics while delivering just enough energy to make you move.

Another solid release from the rising talent.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else she has in store this year.

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