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Six Kid Drops Debut Single "Gotta Go Back"

While I have been sitting on this tune for a bit, it has been rocking heavy in my personal playlists since it landed in my inbox. Yet another fresh face to keep on my radar, Six Kid instantly grabbed my attention with recent single, “Gotta Go Bock.”

Energetic, a bit gritty and topped off with super-catchy, singalong type melodies, Six Kid’s debut single brings just the right amount of familiarity and originality to make it stick. With a driving, guitar laden production, slapping drums and an upbeat feel, it seems Six Kid is ready to turn some heads in the Pop scene.

Since the release of, “Gotta Go Back,” Six Kid has also blessed us with follow up single, “Okay,” which brings a more laidback and emotional feel, helping to show the newcomers versatility and setting him up perfectly for a big push this year. Do yourself a favor and check him out.

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