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SJUR shows us how to climb mountains with new video for “Me in the Middle” (ft. Lovespea

Need some motivation during these tough times? Well, look no further than SJUR’s ode to motivation: “Me in the Middle” (ft. Lovespeake). Directed by Peter Bruteig, the video finds SJUR hiking his way to the top of a snow covered mountain, DJ gear in tow. It’s clear from the get-go that this is an artist who will go the extra mile to pursue his dreams, and he hopes you will too (thank you, SJUR). As if mountaineering wasn’t enough, the video also features an appearance from Nordic champion gymnast Odin Kalvø attempting to master a tricky choreography routine. By doubling down on the theme of achievement against the odds, the video really hones in on the “go the extra mile” vibes, and we love it.

According to the accompanying press release, the video shoot had to be postponed several times over the course of production. Initially, they had planned to feature a professional swimmer, but as a result of restrictions, it “turned out to be impossible”. In the end, they went with gymnastics as it’s a sport that SJUR himself has dabbled in, and in turn, felt first hand the effects of motivation and self-esteem.

Not only does SJUR borrow from themes of achievement in sport for the track, but as it turns out, the gymnast featured in the video, Odin, also cites music of key importance to him to get through a long training session. Talk about synergy.

Check out the “Me in the Middle” video below for a much needed pick-me-up:

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