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SKINNS Release Vibey Cross-Over Jam ‘Aliens’

There is some new heat cooking up in Cleveland.  Formerly known by his artist name Sarah Skinner, SKINNS has already been able to rack up some impressive numbers to date.  Most recently, he has teamed up with fellow Cleveland born artist and RockDafuqOut favorite, TyC, to create his new EP and they have just unleashed their first single, “Aliens”, featuring Josh White.

After graduating from Berklee School Of Music, TyC hit the road to tour with the band Carousel and it was at this point that he began to hone his production skills.  Now, with several impressive originals and collaborations  already making waves, TyC is quickly becoming a highly sought after producer/songwriter.

With their first release setting the tone for their forthcoming collaborative EP, the duo is looking to blend influences from all genres into their impressive, original, signature sound.  On, “Aliens”, a dynamic electronic production sets the mood while the vocals bring a smooth and captivating vibe to the track.  With the addition of a hard-hitting verse from Josh White, the new track brings major cross-over appeal while also allowing each artist to shine in their own right.

While this may be the first release to see the light of day from their collaborative efforts, I have no doubt there is a lot more to come.  I know I’ll be keeping tabs.

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