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Sky Keller Comes Alive With Dreamy “Young Love”

Love, more often than not, catches us all off guard and feels different depending on what stage of our lives we may be in. LA-based artist Sky Keller describes finding the feeling of teenage love as an adult on her newest single “Young Love.”

“Young Love” is a ponderous tune that derives a sense of tenderness from its smooth production elements and alluring lyrics. The song grows through new incorporated elements, but stays pretty static and sparse to make room for Keller’s intimate lyrics and emotional vocals. There’s a delicate nature in the song, similar to that of love and its many forms, especially in the blissful lyrics “oh it just feels right” and “too good to rush the moment.” The song’s tale of young love is touching and gives any broken heart peace of mind that after waiting for love for so long, you’ll find the thrill of losing yourself in someone new almost as if it were meant to be.

Connecticut-native Sky Keller was working as a nurse before a guru from her hometown fitness studio recommended she move to LA. After attending a show at the Echo, her Uber driver connected her with a friend at Career Artist Management, finally making her dream of pursuing music a reality. Keller’s first single “Don’t Get It” generated much deserved buzz around the budding artist and is now ready to blow up outside of the LA scene.

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