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Slavvy Releases Scintillating New Video “Lavender”

Acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Rostislav Vaynshtok, better known by his artist name Slavvy is taking listeners into a synthwave laced deep-dive into the perils and pleasures of hedonism with new single and video “Lavender”. The release marks the first of a string of thematic singles to be released over the Summer, in the lead up to his highly anticipated EP “Romantic”.

Leaning into darker R&B elements, “Lavender” stacks bold, 80s-imbued synths against a rumbling trap beat. It’s a strikingly cinematic collision of genres including chic bedroom-pop and new-wave, punctuated by moody electric guitar. Lyrically, the track brings to life themes of exuberant excess and an irresistibly nonchalant take on romance and infidelity. Described by Slavvy as some of his most personal work yet, “Lavender” is a no-holds-barred statement of “take it or leave it” to a lover. Expanding on this sentiment, Slavvy shares, “It’s a bad time soundtracked by regret and guilt, but neither of those things are going to trigger your better judgement. You’re just in this, and you accept it. The hook is the hook for a reason. That’s just how I am.

“Lavender is getting caught doing something you shouldn’t. You’re f*cked up, you’re cheating, you’re out behind your lover’s back, but something is going wrong.” Slavvy explains. “They know you’re stepping out, they catch you, they show up, the person you’re with is on some bullsh*t and you regret stepping out to begin with.”

Directed by Slavvy and Juan Orta, the accompanying video finds Slavvy looking blasé as he counts stacks of cash atop a sports car. With its electrifying neon-lit visuals interspersed between alluring shots of grainy television footage, viewers are instantly transported to a neo-noir paradise reminiscent of the cult-classic Nicolas Winding Refn film, Drive. The engaging and colorful creative direction underpins the theme of Slavvy’s “Romantic” project, which, along with the lyrical and sonic nature of the project, provides an alluring narrative-driven experience for fans to be immersed in.

Since arriving on the scene a decade ago, Vaynshtok has proven time and time again, he knows how to captivate listeners through his dynamic, genre-blurring production style and undeniable finesse as a multi-instrumentalist. His musical endeavors have seen him sell-out live performances, perform under the likes of Com Truise, and generated millions of cumulative streams across platforms. In addition to honing his skills in the studio, Vaynshtok has also made waves in the US festival circuit, having performed at Electric Zoo, Northcoast, Counterpoint to name a few.

Stay tuned for more aesthetic-driven tales of “Romance” from Slavvy very soon.

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