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Sliim Bambino Goes In on ‘WILCOX’

Friday the 13th brings rapper Sliim Bambino‘s Tommy Boy debut single, ““, and the timing couldn’t be better.​

Bay Area raised, but currently LA based Sliim Bambino who also goes by the name Bambii, has a catchy flow and doesn’t hold back with his lyrics in this one. Spitting about low funds and not being heard Sliim Bambino is a breath of fresh air when compared to todays rappers who rap about their endless supply of money and chicks. 

Produced by Koopa Jacobs, the track has a haunted house feel to it paired with a contagious synth pattern to match. The song is straight to the point, so much so it leaves you wishing there was another verse to enjoy.

If this song is any indication of what to expect from Sliim Bambino, then it’s safe to assume he has a bright future ahead.

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