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Slow Corpse Releases Introspective New Single “In My Head”

n My Head, is the third single from Slow Corpse’s album Bite Your Tongue (Jan. 29 2021 – Tender Loving Empire Records)

The band has this to say about the track, In My Head: “The album starts with a taught, introspective pop riff and infectious bouncing 808’s, as Winter’s voice declares, “I think I’m overrated”. And thus the stage is set for what’s to come––massive pop hooks layered out beneath self-deprecating, honest lyrics. Themes of being trapped in one’s head, overthinking aspects of life while simultaneously dreaming of something bigger. Bravado vs. self consciousness, dreams vs. fears.

The video for In My Head was created by Swedish animator/YouTube content-creator, Surreal Entertainment (1.52M subscribers).

Bite Your Tongue is the second full-length release from Slow Corpse; the indie-rock power couple, Mitchell Winters & Brenton Clarke. At 14-tracks, 37-minutes, the album leaps effortlessly from R&B, to punk, bedroom pop, and hip-hop; showcasing a whole new sonic direction for the duo. Recorded in marathon, late-night sessions in cramped basements throughout the state of Oregon, Bite Your Tongue is a patchwork of ambivalence, hedonism, self-deprecation, confidence, heartbreak, and ultimately acceptance.

In 2019, the Slow Corpse live band went separate ways, opening up a whole new horizon for Winters & Clarke. No longer bound to writing songs for a standard, 5-piece band, they found themselves free to experiment outside of any one genre or style. While still paying homage to their roots in the Pacific Northwest indie scene, the sound is far more ambitious than their earlier work. Bite Your Tongue, finds Winter’s and Clarke at their most vulnerable; teetering between heartbreak and bravado, in and out of relationships, and longing for understanding in the mire. This album is honest to its core, presenting a colorful mosaic of late nights, second guessing, and dancing through the sadness.

Winters and Clarke wrote and produced this album in their bedrooms during the Fall & Winter of 2019 and 2020. While continuing to remain fearlessly DIY, Slow Corpse enlisted outside help in the form of Cameron Spies (Radiation City, Night Heron) to assist in the tracking, production, and mixing. The album was mixed at Trash Treasury recording studio in Portland, OR and mastered by Nuri Hobbess (The Shivas, Night Heron). 

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