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Sofia Monroy Mixes Things Up on ‘Passion’

As someone who works in the music business (and runs a blog on the side)there is nothing that I love more than finding new artists to swoon over.  While there is an immeasurable amount of talent around the world, I can’t help but get hyped when someone new pops up on my radar. 

Recently I was hit with the new single, “Passion”, from Mexico born, Sweden raised artist Sofia Monroy, and it is a beautiful blend of all things great.  With bi-lingual lyrics, a huge, soulful hook, funky rhythms and an undeniable energy, Sofia’s third single helps to show her versatility as she carves a lane of her own in the Scandinavian Pop world.  

Having been raised in Sweden since she was two, Sofia Monroy first burst into public consciousness when she reached the finals on Swedish Idol in 2015.  Now, having launched her solo career at the top of 2019, she seems to be moving full steam ahead – and her new single is the perfect first taste of what she may have coming.  Do yourself a favor and make sure you keep tabs as we go into the new year – I imagine she will be making some major waves. 

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