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Soku & Lo are at it Again with ‘No’

It wasn’t all that long ago that we brought you this absolute jam from Soku & Lo

Turns out the dynamic duo is only just getting started.  Once again teaming up with vocalist Lisa Rowe, their latest release, “No”, is a glitchy and emotional modern day Electronic power ballad.  Opening with some orchestral string plucks, Lisa Rowe comes in and absolutely soars while deep basses and encapsulating pads build in the background. 

In true Soku & Lo form, the track quickly transforms into a break that you simply could not imagine.  These guys have some how found a way to create music that feels familiar only to turn it on its head and deliver something unlike anything – Interesting rhythms, sound selections and progressions all their own.

No”, serves as the second single from their forthcoming collaborative EP and is another beautiful look at what we can expect from the project.

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