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Solid Debut from Fast Car to Florence

Nottingham based 3-piece Indie Rock group Fast Car to Florence has just unleashed their debut single, “English Skin“, and everything about it is on point.

Reminiscent of a sound that was first brought to the forefront in the early 00’s, their new single is emotive, edgy and jamming.  Vocally, the performance is energetic, memorable and the lyrics are well written, while the production is cohesive, clean and dynamic.

Both emotional and uplifting, “English Skin“, pulls the listener in multiple directions, evoking familiar feelings of regret, triumph and self reflection.  This track is a mood booster, perfect to help you get over whatever it is that is weighing you down.

The first of 3 singles they are planning on releasing before the end of the year, this is not only a stellar debut, but all I personally need to keep me interested and anticipating what’s coming next.

Everything about this tune is well done and it will without a doubt be in rotation in my playlists.

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