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somegirlnamedanna Is Raw and Real In Heart-Wrenching Tune “abandonment” [Video]

Marking herself as a true artist and songwriter, somegirlnamedanna continues to make waves after delivering her poignant and mature debut EP twenty-one, twenty-two. The young artist now graces listeners with a music video for the chilling, acoustic tune “abandonment.”

Sharing her fear of falling in love, somegirlnamedanna walks us through her issues with love, but how one person in particular is worth fighting for. She notes this person “will be the death of [her]” and makes it “hard for her to open up her broken heart again,” but promises this person will not face abandonment. Throughout the song, she communicates feelings of love, pain, and a bit of anguish to make her intentions clear. All of this is mirrored in grainy black and white visuals that compliments the song’s simplistic nature.

Born and raised in a remote area of Minnesota, somegirlnamedanna’s imagination flourished without television or social media. An antique grand piano in the living room called to her as she repeated melodies and jingles from the radio by ear as a young child. While painting in the kitchen, mom played classics by Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos fueling her daughter’s love for music and the arts, in general. At the same time, she developed a knack for poetry and writing short stories at school, combining the two in songwriting eventually.

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