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Song for The weekend: ‘Rich Girl’ by Kyle Denmead

Fresh beats from the widely followed producer.

Straight from Orlando, Florida, singer-songwriter-producer Kyle Denmead has been grinding for years and has accumulated a great online following that highly anticipates his new music. With ‘Rich Girl’ he has delivered to his fans a fantastic song that draws elements from House and RnB, gracefully indicated by the upbeat verses but slow choruses.

Kyle’s voice narrates the story of a girl finding her place in the world, its got a melancholic feel to it but also introspective, as if trying to empathise with what the character is feeling. The story of this girl is told along some amazing synth and bass arrangements. The bass reminisces of house music, very percussive and selective of when it appears, however, the contrasting pads and keys evoke the feeling of melancholy that Kyle perfectly communicates. This song is a great example of what this artist can do and hopefully, more will be along the way.

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