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Songwriter/Producer Joel Blackmon Serenades With Self Reflection Piece- ‘Get Over You’

Joel Blackmon, a Nashville, TN, based singer/songwriter/producer has penned a sweet, soft and melancholy song of self-reflection and introspection. ‘Get Over You’ offers an insight into a previous break-up for the artist. Joel says, of the break-up, “I wrote this song when I was trying to figure my life out. The idea was inspired by a previous breakup, and how I learned more about myself through it. I produced and mixed the track over the course of a few hours as I was finishing up writing it.”

“Get Over You’ is beautifully written and produced. Smooth, vulnerable vocals match the lyrics about putting aside your ego and telling a loved one how you feel. A minimalist melody of finger picked electric guitar chords and riffs perfectly set the tone against Joel’s soft voice. Then, when you least expect it, some synthy bass tones, keyboard and backing vocals on the bridge and final verse modernize the ballad and round out the arrangement. Anyone can relate to Joel and the song opens a possibility to think back and learn from your own past mistakes or relationships, giving listeners an opportunity to work on themselves and grow while listening to some great music!

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