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Songwriting Sensation, Baby Fuzz, Rocks The World with New Indie Anthem- ‘Before Our Time&#821

PA born songwriting sensation, Sterling Fox (Brandon Lowry), dropped off the radar for a year in 2016, quitting a thriving career in collaborative writing with the likes of Madonna, Max Martin, Lana Del Rey, and others. However, that’s ok! The songwriting phenom returned to us with a new project, Baby Fuzz. His new alter-ego completely revamped the artists style into a “paradigm of audiovisual glam rock and normcore”.

The newest single from Baby Fuzz, the Indie/Glam Rock anthem ‘Before Our Time’, features global sensation LP and was written “about the idea of a friendship being before its time. The song is an upbeat affirmation revisiting the relationship as too forward thinking for its own good. It’s a feeling of nostalgia for being too futuristic, which is kind of a paradox.”– says FUZZ. Unlike it’s title, the jam is completely in it’s time, or should we say time-less. Featuring soaring guitars, smooth piano melodies, and a somber lyrical tone that resonates and shows a strong connection to the world around him, Baby Fuzz delivers an experience like no other. Filled with fun analogies and a living room concert sound, ‘Before Our Time’ comes exactly at the right time, offering a show-stopping escape from the daily dullness of a life in pandemic!

The jam is just plain fun, no other way to put it. It’s got everything an Indie song needs to be on the radio these days, and so much more. As analogical and clever as Beck, and as musically talented and original as 21 Pilots, Baby Fuzz, has it all!

In 2018, Fuzz dropped many other singles gathering attention once again and re-asserting himself as the musical genius, he clearly is. Accumulating praise from renowned tastemakers such as; Consequence of Sound, Flaunt, Popdust, Indie Shuffle, his debut album ‘Plastic Paradise’ transcended genres and broke the ceiling of “cookie-cutter” pop, as we know it. Baby Fuzz song style ranges from Punk Anthems such as ‘Before Our Time’ all the way through to Folk Ballads. It’s clear this artist has given and has a lot to give to the music industry and fans. We look forward to hearing it!

Listen to more from Baby Fuzz, here:

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