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Sonny Step & TyC Pull Hard on the Heart Strings

My first listen to the new Sonny Step & TyC left me feeling all sorts of refreshed.  While this track wouldn’t quite fit in with my usual playlists, this joint hit me right in the feels.

Reminiscent of the sound that made 90s R&B so amazing, “Still Believe in Love” is built around lush, layered, perfectly harmonized vocals and a song structure that keeps you yearning at every turn.

For me this track is kind of like if Boys II Men were to write a song for a Disney movie on a 2017 Electronic infused R&B production (I could hear this knocking on a magic carpet ride).  The production itself grabs as well, full of filtered synth pads, heavy wubbed out basses (used sparingly), and rhythmic elements that perfectly compliment the soaring vocals.

Incredibly dynamic, emotional and powerful af.  Every wedding DJ in America should have this joint in their bins.

More on the collab: Sonny Step is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn. On saxophone, vocals, or both he has shared stages with well known artists like Rihanna, and Ricky Martin. TyC first established himself as a member of the band Carousel and after leaving Berklee to go on tour, he spent years honing his craft as both a songwriter and a producer. TyC met Sonny in Brooklyn and they quickly began to combine Ty’s pop sensibility with Sonny’s soulful vision and personality!

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