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Sophia Gripari Continues To Find Her Groove on "Dancing Alone"

Since launching her solo project in 2019, London-born, LA-based rising Pop star Sophia Gripari has been on an absolute tear. Racking up millions of streams and building crafting a skip-proof catalog, it seems she just can't miss. With her finger on the pulse and a finesse to back it up, I promise you'd be doing yourself a major injustice to not start paying attention NOW. Having already secured support from major movers-and-shakers like La Belle Musique, Mahogany and Popular Music, while locking in features with Epic Games, Fortnite, MTV and Jam in the Van, and endorsements from PRS Guitars as an official artist, there is no doubt that the industry is locked in on Sophia Gripari.

Recently, the buzzing singer/songwriter blessed fans with, "Dancing Alone," and it is a shimmering, emotive and dynamic bop that fires on all cylinder. Clean guitar driven production, stunning melodies, bright synths and a perfectly executed performance from Sophia Gripari all come together to create an upbeat yet somber bop that will have you crying and dancing at the same time. About the release her team says, "This song is a direct message to that one ex who messed up big time by letting her go, as she makes it very clear that she has moved on to bigger and better things while he is still alone and regretting his actions."

The perfect balance of fun and feel, "Dancing Alone," is certainly worth a listen - and I just can't imagine you not wanting to come back for more. Tell me I'm wrong.

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