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soran Stuns Once Again with "Way Up"

Over the last couple of years, buzzing Toronto artist soran has managed to hit us in our feels with nearly every single that has landed in our inbox. If he isn't on your radar yet, make sure you give this one a spin and start keeping tabs... I have not doubt there is a lot more to come.

Growing a devoted fanbase by delivering a steady stream of stand-out tunes, soran is without a doubt one of the most promising new artists coming out of Canada. With a penchant for penning tunes that connect on a human level, all wrapped up in beautiful harmonies, emotive production and smooth performances - soran has certainly found his stride and sound over the last couple of years.

With his undeniable musical abilities at the forefront of his music, it is also easy to hear that whatever he is releasing also comes along with a piece of his soul. Pulling inspiration from the up's and down's of life, most notably the recent loss of his mother, soran wears his heart on his sleeve and give listeners music that cuts deep and leaves an impact. His latest offering, "Way Up", is a delicate and poignant bop that features clean and minimal production, relatable lyrics and a perfectly executed performance that hooks listeners from the very beginning and holds on to the last note.

Carving a land of his own, soran continues to turn heads with every new release, slowly but surely solidifying his spot as an artist to watch. Make sure you pay close attention to soran.

Listen to more like soran here:

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