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Soul Soothing Sounds from Sancii

There is nothing I love more than originality, yet, trying to be original musically when there is only 12 notes in a scale is never easy.

Enter Sancii.  Enter the vibes.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to drop this at your next club gig, but what I will tell you is that it his latest release, “Nausicaa“, is a beautiful, emotional, chill as fuck and really well done.

A trippy Electronic soundscape perfect for meditation, prescription depression medication commercials, your next romantic picnic in the fields of wonder – or standing on top of a mountain for an extended period of time for no good reason at all.

Slow moving pads fill the audible space while sharp and snappy percussion sits front and center.  With the introduction of some fast paced wood blocks, it begins to feel like real life – “fuck did I forget to turn the stove off?  Where did I put that damn bubble gum?” Before all of your worries are once again subdued by soothing melodies and ambient vibes.  Developing overtime, the tune is like a story unfolding within your ears – unsure of the ending, but knowing pretty positively that everything is going to be alright.

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