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Soul with a Twist [VIDEO]

Cassie Marin is somewhat of an enigma and an unknown talent in the music industry. I wasn’t even able to find where she’s from or what her background story is but she’s definitely going to have a spotlight on her soon if she keeps putting out music like the tracks on the S.O.S EP. Her voice is very much R&B but her beats can range from Electronic to House to Alternative which is why it is difficult to classify her music and that mixture of sound is why she will be a name to remember. 

Weigh is a soulful, melodic and atmospheric song about relationships ‘weighing her down’ and it delivers in full. The song is essentially split up into two parts: Her singing on the front end of it and then the beat takes over on the back half. I would best describe the beat as a moody electric metronome, accompanied with a synth. What I like most about Cassie is her melancholy R&B vocals and that brilliantly fits the laid-back harmony of the song. The track is very personal and gives you a good insight into her life.

What also attracted me to her music is the spectrum of production accompanied by her extremely expressive voice. She doesn’t necessarily change her singing in terms of her range as a vocalist but the production that she uses fits tonally on mostly every track that she’s on since her voice is so rich. If you enjoyed this song go and check out her album S.O.S that dropped this January as it’s up on all streaming platforms!

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