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Sound of 2017 hasn’t been “Misunderstood” by British Duo

I challenge you to sit still whilst listening to ”Ghetto Style”. Even under the desk at work I’m trying to stifle the automatic bum wiggle that occurs when listening to this hot debut single by British Pop Duo, “Misunderstood.” They certainly haven’t misunderstood how to perfect the sound of 2017 combining elements of Latin swing, R&B and nostalgic 90’s pop.

This track is infectious on all levels, it makes you smile, want to dance, want to be their friend. It isn’t surprising to hear that this track was co-written with Maegan Cottone who has also written for big time artists including Britney Spears and Olly Murs. Their entertaining video perfectly balances comedy and professionalism, two traits very few can master. 

“Our message is simple,” says Stephan. It’s about being free to be yourself. It’s about being happy in you. It’s about having fun. It’s storytelling about the people who aren’t being shouted about.”

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