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An Alt/Rock band with truly anthemic music, Standing Like Statues embody the characteristics they have garnered from their major influences Taking Back Sunday and 30 Seconds To Mars. The band has developed an identity in sound that lies perfectly nestled between anthemic stadium rock and emo serenades of the early 2000's. Standing Like Statues formed in 2015, shredding from Cambridge, England. By November 2020, they had released their second EP. Their sophomore album was met with much success, including airplay from various UK radio stations such as Kerrang! Radio, BBC Introducing, as well as other global support. In addition to the radio airplay, the EP also saw the band featured in Spotify's 'New Punk Tracks' and 'The Scene' playlists.

Now in February 2022, the band has released its newest single, "Truth Hurts". The song had it's debut on Kerrang! Radio, showing their continuous support of the band. "Truth Hurts" is picking up some serious momentum and hurdling toward an album release, as the band prepares to embark on a UK tour in May.

"Truth Hurts", a track that deals with the ever-so-relevant topic of dealing with misinformation and false representation, is poised and timed perfectly for a political climate around the world, that honestly... hasn't felt right in a while, if we are being honest. Keeping in pace with the sound they have created, "Truth Hurts" is an anthem. It Is a call to action to think for yourself and stop blindly following, when presented with all of the lies and dishonesty that we are spoon fed, on a daily basis. The most powerful people are informed people, and we are all in this together. "This is more than a show, it's a chance to take control... This is more than a show, it's a place to find some hope."- some lyrics from the new track show how dire the situation is for people to start demanding transparency and honesty from leaders and media. It's the only way to stop being torn apart by divisiveness and begin to heal the rifts.

The success story of the band Standing Like Statues, is an easy one to imagine unfolding. They continue to progress and show little sign of slowing. Stepping out of their comfort zone, to bring some new issues to light, is only one of the reasons that this band will have a great future, ahead of them. "'Truth Hurts' explores new ground for us. Stepping outside of our comfort zone, we wanted to discuss a topic that not only we feel strongly about, but so do many other people". - says the band, of their newest release.

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