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Stay The F*ck Home Festival To Host Mickey Factz, Julian Xtra and Many More!

Stay the F*ck Home Fest Announces Their Second Concert, Feat. Mickey Factz, Julian Xtra, Jessie Wagner

This Friday at 7pm EST, 10 artists including Mickey Factz, Julian Xtra, and Jessie Wagner will be performing at the second event in the weekly “Stay the F*ck Home Fest” series, which will be streamed Live to Facebook (

Stay the F*ck Home Fest is a weekly online concert series, dedicated to bridging the social distance between musicians and fans worldwide. In a time of global isolation and stress, Stay the F*ck Home Fest embraces live music’s power to heal and bring people together, and livestreaming’s ability to collapse distance and create instant global connection.

Presented by Sonicbids in partnership with Launch Global and with support from CEG and Backline, Stay The F*ck Home Fest mixes smaller independent artists with larger acts to help drive new music discovery and encourage fans to support artists through suggested donations.

“Everyone we work with is shocked and reeling from how much has changed over the past month. Understanding that life is not going to go back to ‘normal’ overnight, we wanted to build a series that celebrates the global music community and its art, which serves the most basic human of needs of connection, communication, and feeling understood.” said Sonicbids’ General Manager, Patrick Inverso.

For millions of musicians worldwide, this pandemic is an existential threat to health, peace of mind, and financial security. Promoters and venues are scrambling for ways to stay afloat in the face of indefinite closures, and fans are stuck at home coming to terms with the myriad ways their lives have suddenly changed. Stay the F*ck Home Fest is a celebration of not only individual bands, but also the greater community that makes the live music industry so vibrant and diverse.

We see a silver lining in all of this. Artists and fans are connecting now in a way unlike anything the industry has ever seen. Musicians are streaming live from their homes to the homes of their fans, and are connecting for the first time with live audiences not restricted by geographic reach. Every week, Stay the F*ck Home Fest connects fans to a hand-picked lineup of rising stars from around the world, performing (virtually) alongside major touring acts. In addition to providing a platform for global music discovery, Stay the F*ck Home Fest encourages connection and community in a time of isolation.

The first event in the series included artists from six countries, including Mora Mothaus (Japan), Koojo (Rwanda) and Kapa de Freitas (Portugal) along with G. Love, and Stro Elliot from The Roots.

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