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Stella. Finally Finds his Footing with New EP "A Study in Balance"

Updated: Jun 27

Born and bred in NYC, Daniel Fernandez is a well-versed, multi-talented, lifelong musician who has reinvented himself more times than he can count. As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he currently has several projects - aside from Stella. - that he continues to release music under, while also keeping busy as a music teacher, lead singer of a wedding band, and a frequent collaborator lending his talents behind the scenes alongside a number of collaborators. A trained musician with an incredibly creative mind, Daniel Fernandez is an artist unafraid to reinvent himself, take risks and is seemingly always ready to utilize and maximize his abilities in any way it makes sense.

Influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Brandi Carlile, Noah Kahan, Adrienne Lenker and Paolo Nutini, Stella. creates songs that feel familiar yet fresh, incorporating a wide variety of sounds and techniques to create something all his own. While his debut EP, "Amalfi," in 2018, made some waves throughout the industry, unforeseen life events and internal struggles caused the project to be put on hold. Struggling to maintain as an artist in the modern, content driven, social media crazy world we live in, Stella. found himself battling to find balance. With the love for music seemingly lost, and finding himself at one of the lowest points of his life, Stella. was forced to look within - hoping to once again find the spark that had always carried him through the darkness.

Through the forced isolation of COVID, Stella. reconnected with himself and his music and began to once again create music from the heart that he was 100% proud of and ready to share with the world. Over 5 years in the making and created alongside long-time collaborator and producer Katie Buchanan, "A Study in Balance," serves as a turning point for Stella. as he turns the page to the next chapter as both a human and artist. the 6-track release is undoubtedly his most authentic and personal collection of songs to date. As you listen, the EP reads like a study of self; while beneath the surface and entagled in the lyrics, Stella. aims to answer all of the questions he had internalized for so long. More than a new release, "A Study in Balance," is truly a testament to his ability to endure through lifes lowest points and come out stronger on the other end.

Recently, Stella. landed in my inbox with, "Something About You," one of the lead singles from his newly released sophomore EP, "A Study in Balance," and I was instantly hooked. Carried by buttery vocals and supported by a minimal yet captivating production, "Something About You," is a haunting and emotive tune that instantly touches the soul. Birthed from feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, this single aims to remind us that we can always count on the ones we love if we are brave enough to let them in.

While each track on the project brings its own special sauce, previously released single, "Dreaming," is surely worth a listen. An energetic, upbeat bop laden with big drums and vocal melodies that will be stuck in you head for days, "Dreaming," is a lighthearted mood-booster that is perfect for your upcoming summer shenanigans. The EP's title track, "A Study in Balance," which was the final single before the full project dropped, is without a doubt my favorite track on the EP. Thought provoking, playful and groovy, on the surface this one plays like a kids bop anthem, but look any deeper and you'll be questioning EVERYTHING. A dynamic and cohesive offering from front to back, Stella.'s touching lyrics, dynamic productions and energetic performances remain impressive throughout, serving as the glue that holds it all together.

Having found a new wind beneath his wings, I have no doubt that Stella. is ready to take off. While, "A Study in Balance," continues to buzz and turn heads, Stella. has assured us that it is full steam ahead. Already planning the release of his debut album, we suggest you put Stella. on your radar and get acquainted now. Give, "A Study in Balance," a listen and make sure you give him a follow and be ready for a whole lot more to come.

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