• Nicholas Zallo

Stellar Debut from Atlanta’s HYLYND

Updated: Jan 27

There may be nothing I like more than a strong debut.  Seeing a new artist take that first step and put themselves out there is always inspiring and admirable.  While some artists may not get it all right the first time around, sometimes they absolutely nail it.  Case in point, Atlanta based artist HYLYND with his first release,  “Permanent Marks”.

After spending over a year in the studio creating, he is ready to start showing the world what he is made of, and this first tune sets the tone.  The release is a perfect blend of R&B, Electronic and Pop – all mixed with a touch of soul.  The vocals are not only impressive in their dynamics and performance, but the structure is nearly perfect.  This one could easily work on radio against other Pop/R&B hits.

The synth based, urban production relies on rim shots with huge reverb, acoustic guitar, atmospheric pads, rumbling sub basses and rolling bass lines up front.  Together all of the elements create an emotional yet pumping bed for HYLND to absolutely dominate on.

There’s really not much more to say here.  An all around solid debut from an artist I will for sure be keeping tabs on.

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