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Stephen Flickner Drops Latest Bop "Focus"

Stephen Flickner's new single "Focus" is an empowering anthem that celebrates the power of the human spirit and touches on our ability to overcome the struggles of life and find the strength to carry on. The catchy, upbeat tune highlights the importance of perseverance and staying focused on the task at hand, regardless of the obstacles. With cleverly crafted lyrics that capture the listener right from the jump, and modern/polished production setting the tone, Stephen Flickner's latest is a vibrant and dynamic bop that we just can't get enough of.

The personal story behind this song is especially inspiring. Stephen Flickner recently stopped drinking and within the week he finished this song, which he had been tweaking for two years to no avail. While he may just be getting started, it's amazing to see how much he has accomplished in such a short period of time. Stephen Flickner's new single is not only an anthem of hope, but also a reminder of what can be achieved when you stay focused and determined.

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