• Nicholas Zallo

‘Stuck’- The New INDIE/ALT ROCK Single, From COOPERTHEBAND, Hits Us Right In The Feels!

Coopertheband, a “bramily“(band/friends/family), is a group of 6 self proclaimed “massive music nerds with minds to rhyme and twelve hot feet”. Based in Jackson, TN, the band has already found much success. Since 2010, they have released three albums. Venture (2010), Kings EP (2012), and most recently, Kingdoms (2017) have landed the band in all sorts of media. Coopertheband has been featured in news articles, on regional TV, guests on Podcasts, all over, and even on major network television. Their national success has led to features on HBO, ESPN, and even TruTV. They have even bee featured on the hit television show, “Without A Trace”.

‘STUCK, was written and performed by the band and produced by Kyle Schonewill. The song is about the difficulty of desiring to follow your dreams, when your are stuck inside your head, bogged down by selfdoubt and other fears. Although, not exact, a parallel can definitely be drawn to the current conditions cause by the Corona Virus, which makes the song very relevant and a great mental escape from the rigors of being stuck, inside the house and between a rock and a hard place, with all of the current rules and restrictions.

Regardless, if you are feeling stuck or not, these days, ‘STUCK’ is relatable, current, and a great ALT/INDIE representation of music for the soul!

Listen To More Music from Coopertheband, here:

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