• Nicholas Zallo

Summer Mood 2021: pepito

It’s funny how human tastes change overtime. Whether talking taste buds, personal interests or musical preferences, we are ever evolving creatures allowing the world around us to influence our personalities and preferences. I am sure you are wondering what the fuck I am talking about right now and where I may be going with this, but I promise there is a point.

When I launched RockDafuqOut in 2015, it was a Dance/House/EDM blog. That is all that I was listening to at the time, and that is all that I cared to write about. Since then my tastes have changed, my mind has expanded and as it is reflected on the site, there is no genre that can’t get me going with the right song. While I have become ever less impressed with dance music in the last couple of years thanks to over-saturation, lacking creativity and copy cat artists creating tunes strictly for streams, every so often something hits my inbox that makes me immediately think about going out, hitting a club, sweating on a dancefloor, partying too hard, getting home too late and getting yelled at by my wife (while this doesn’t happen often these days, it is worth it every time).

Here’s my point, while I had never been introduced to Finland based pepito before, when his recent single, “Heading Out” came across in my submissions, it only took a few seconds for me to to be absolutely hooked. When you listen to as many new songs as I do on a daily basis, you know instantly when something stands out – and pepito did just that – and in prime fashion.

Having started producing in 2016, pepito launched his own label Booa Music in 2019 – and here I am wondering why the fuck I am so late to the party. Having grown up immersed in Jazz music, it seems he has found a way to take his early influences, flip them on their head, find a new approach and create a lane all his own that I just can’t seem to get enough of. On, “Heading Out“, intricate melodies, interesting embellishments, sunset style grooves and catchy, chilled out vocals all come together to create a beautiful tune that every DJ with a pool party on their calendar should have in their crates. Original, smooth and groovy, this is an absolute bomb that will have you swaying in the sunshine and two stepping late into the night.

Serving as the lead single for his labels, “LIQUID45” mixtape which dropped in June, pepito has found a way to appeal to the massed while simultaneously creating a package that is hard to compare to any projects in the same lane. While this may be my first introduction into the sound of pepito, I can assure you I am hooked. This will be in heavy rotation all summer long. Add this to your playlists and be ready to blow your friends minds when you pull it up after their 6th white claw.

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