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Sweatnik Brings On Brandon Markell Holmes for ‘Caught Up’

As the US starts to open again, we need something to get us pumped to get back to our daily lives. Insert “Caught Up” by Sweatnik featuting Brandon Markell Holmes.

This is Chicago house music veteran’s, Jonathan Marks and Kevin Ford‘s second offical release together as Sweatnik. Kevin has been producing and DJing house music since the 80s, while Jonathan under solo-moniker, ‘Rogue Vogue’ has done official mixes for Le Youth, Miami Horror, and had cuts on House of Disco Records and French Express. They brought on grammy-nominated multi medium artist and performer, Brandon Markell Holmes to lend vocals making, “Caught Up“, a home run.

Caught Up” has that super chill vibe perfect for a summer pool party but still has enough kick to get you through your workout! The killer bassline carried by melodic plucks is literally my idea of what a perfect House jam should be!

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