• Nicholas Zallo

Sweden Gets it Poppin

Sweden had the Pop game on lock.  The amount of top notch Pop tunes coming from relatively unknown artists is almost mind boggling.

My latest favorite find comes in the form of ORKID.  Hailing from the far north, the 21 year old starlet first came to the nations attention when she appeared on, “idol”, at the age of 16 and captivated viewers with with her small town charm and big time abilities.  Since then she has gone on to finish her studies while also honing her skills as a singer, songwriter and performer.

Beyond the new single landing in 21 (yes. Twenty One) NMF playlists on SpotifyORKID has also found early support from tastemakers like Hilly Dilly and Line of Best Fit.

About the track she says, “So Rude was written with no particular person in mind. At the time I was waiting tables at this restaurant, so Lucas and me wrote this song about all the rude guests you encounter on a regular basis. I like the idea that when you hear the song you’ll probably think it’s about a relationship, but when you know the true story behind it it’s actually kind of funny.

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