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Swedish producer Gettobabyjesus returns to Breeze Records with "Sad Song"

Quick to follow his latest release "Save Me", Swedish music producer Gettobabyjesus is back with a total vibe in a song that showcases a full range of his musical capabilities. "Sad Song", a modern take on classic house, displays an impressive sense of confidence as he introduces his own take on progressive house sensibilities. Paired with a dynamic vocal sample, the new track keeps listeners dancing from beginning to end. Fit for dancefloors worldwide, the captivating new track is a perfect fit for any mid summertime playlist. Originally from Chile, Gettobabyjesus aka Marco Villarroel has hopped from Sweded to now, Denmark, expanding his knowledge of dance music on an international scale. A former DJ for Sean Kingston as well as a Swedish Battle CJ Champ, this artist is used to incorporating creative sampling into his high energy bops -- prolific in nature, he continues to raise the bar as each and every hit becomes significantly larger than life.

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