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Take a Trip Through Crystal Cities [VIDEO]

I haven’t been into Rock in years.  I’m talking elementary school.  Like when my mom still controlled the radio and before Top 40 radio almost ruined my opinion on music forever (it was a close one).. but fuck, there’s a ton of great Indie Rock coming out these days.

Adding to my sweet secret playlist (no one must know) of Indie Rock jams this week is Sydney based 3-piece band Crystal Cities and their new tune/video, “Binary Eyes“.

Side note – Australia is delivering some serious tunes these days.  One of my favorite markets for unsigned hype.

Crystal Cities is as they say, “Dream Rock that sounds like Death Cab for Cutie had a War on Drugs with The Beatles“.  Like I said… I’m kind of out of the loop on this Rock stuff (who Dafuq are The Beatles amiright?) so you’ll have to come to your own conclusions.

What I can tell you is that this is a jam.  Dream Rock for sure.  A layer of reverb coats the entire track helping to create a wishy washy wall of sound.  Bright leads carry the melodies while subtle pads fill the background just enough to make their presence known.  Rhythms dance around counter-rhythms on guitar while the vocals sit right in the middle of it all, breathy and mellow.

The video is both visually appetizing and interesting.  Trapped within he walls of a garden maze, the band wanders around while being stalked by statuesque humanoids.  Plus there’s a pony… so there’s that for all you animal lovers out there.

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