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STOP… think back. Can you remember? When we were younger, everything and anything we could ever dream of was a possibility, in our worlds. You need only to dream it to be it. It was a more simple and pure time in our lives, and although slightly naïve to the realities of life, the possibilities held a certain magic to them. Honestly, where are we really going if we no longer dare to dream of the possible futures we could have. All too often, people get caught up in the race of life and forget to stop and remember why they are living in the first place.

Well, if this is a problem that you can identify with, here comes Sam and Sounds to save the day, with his latest single Bedroom Astronaut. The Alt/Pop jam is an appeal to a younger version of yourself to remember how to stretch your imagination, hopes, and dreams to bigger and better versions of themselves. Ultimately, remember who you wanted to be before life lost it’s innocence, and do your best to be that person.

All of the clichés can apply here, but truth-be-told, none of them are wrong! “Be the change you want to see in the world”, “dare to dream”, “aim for the moon, for if you miss you will land amongst the stars.” Cheesy? Yes… Inspiring? Yes… True? abso-F*CKING-lutely!!!

As for Bedroom Astronaut, itself, the track is whimsical, inspiring, and anthemic, while remaining understated and down to Earth. The lyrics are a simple and well thought out conversation style, accompanied by electric sound effect tones and Alt/Rock guitars. Large choruses delight the ears in the foreground as a well produced vocal track delivers you to the cloud where your dreams reside, after leaving your brain, so long ago.

“We all grow up believing anything is possible – that we can be who we want to be. Our imagination runs wild, and I always thought I could be an astronaut. This song is a plea to that 7-year-old Sam – to teach me how to dream for the stars again!”– says Sam.

Going from busker to recording artist, it’s clear that Sam and Sounds has followed his big dreams and we could all take a lesson. Sam has released nine singles, amassing a total of over 2,350,000 Spotify streams in 1 year and is steadily rising.

Listen to more music from Sam and Sounds, here:

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