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Talker Releases Brilliantly Minimalist "My Meds"

Ahead of her upcoming EP, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Talker shares a minimalist yet hyper-engaging single entitled "My Meds" on all streaming platforms. Built with ethereal synths and piano's, we are introduced to an intimate vocal delivery that pulls you in from the very start. The song is about losing yourself while in the process of trying to get better. It's about leveling yourself out just enough so that you’re not sinking, but you’re also just treading water. She originally took it to her friend James Sunderland of FRENSHIP to produce it, and because they wanted to capture such a specific feeling, it took like five or six months for them to finish it. Eventually, they were able to find their sonic landscape - the final vocal is actually her in her room, lying on her floor recording herself. There’s a voice memo piano recording throughout. That rawness combined with James’ evocative and pulsating production creates this perfect palette for a song about trying to come back to life.

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