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Talltale, Father Bobby Townsend & Laur Elle Feel Forever Young With “Swimming Pools At Night”

Talltale brings a genuine sound to her music that exudes a dreamy and passionate essence. After releasing her third EP Sugar, she returns accompanied by Father Bobby Townsend and Laur Elle with sparkling and freeing pop tune “Swimming Pools At Night.”

The tune is youth-in-a-bottle; a myriad of memories harking on warm nights and first loves. Shimmering production lays the foundation and floats effortlessly under Father Bobby Townsend and Laur Elle’s crystal-clean vocals. The lyrics emphasize nostalgic moments and emotions of freedom we all felt in our younger days and depict stories so relatable, you really feel like you’ll be young forever. Retelling the song’s origins, Telltale shares:

“The song was written in 2019 in Father Bobby Townsend’s basement studio on a rainy day. He began playing the synth line from the intro on a Juno, and I was immediately reminded of an old favourite synth patch. Incorrectly, I remembered [the patch] being named ‘Swimming Pools at Night.’ Laur Elle and I thought this would be a great name for a song and within three hours, ‘Swimming Pools at Night’’ had been written and recorded.”

Talltale has cemented her sound and her standing as one of Canada’s most promising pop writers. Her 2020 EP Sugar earned her a nomination as Electronic/Dance Artist of the Year at the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards. Honing in on the talents of both Father Bobby Townsend and Laur Elle on this latest single has enabled the artist to continue to shine as a prolific creator.

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