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Tamar Berk shares captivating new video for "June Lake"

Ahead of the release of her sophomore solo LP, Start At The End later this week, San Diego based indie pop singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Tamar Berk has shared a music video for "June Lake", one of the softer and more introspective tracks on the album. With gently strummed acoustic guitars and a beautiful vocal performance, this folk-leaning tune offers a moment of contemplation before building to a bittersweet chorus that is warm and comforting yet wistful at the same time. Following the release of her acclaimed debut solo album The Restless Dreams Of Youth, which was recently nominated for Best Pop Album and Album of the Year 2021 at the San Diego Music Awards, this new album was written and recorded during the pandemic lockdown and in the wake of the death of Tamar’s father, but Start At The End is not as morose or downtrodden as that subject matter would imply, as Tamar has found a way to create liberating, emotionally captivating indie pop / rock catharsis from personal tragedy.

Discussing the personal meaning behind the song, Tamar writes: "“‘June Lake’ is track 5 off of my new album “Start at the End.” It’s a song about my deep desire to escape to an ever-elusive destination that I always talk about but never get around to. Though June Lake is a real place, I’ve never actually been there...and so in my mind, it’s become a symbolize for a place that might exist or only exists in my mind…it’s about the confusion of wanting to move forward but also go back, and actually feeling stuck and unsure of which step to take. My dad passed away last June and so in many ways…’June' is always going to have a significance for me.”

Start At The End will be released this Friday April 22nd 2022.

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