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Tamborder together with Paradise Sound System Unite to Bridge Gaps through “Ocean Planet"

With the goal of connecting African influences to the world, Tamborder has partnered with Paradise Sound System on the new release of the “Oceans Planet” EP. Tamborder, an artist who draws inspiration from both Italian and Kenya musical influences, has discovered avenues through which he can delve into and express his creativity through music.

The inception of this release was sparked by a journey to Nairobi, Kenya, where Tamborder had a direct encounter with the vibrant local music landscape, particularly through experiences at Ewaso Records and Gondwana KE events. The "Ocean Planet" EP stands as a testament to Tamborder's creative vision and the time he spent in Kenya. Comprising three tracks, each bringing their own flavor, the EP aims to leave a mark on those who listen.

The EP’s opening track, “Duma”, is emotional and romantic—a sunset-like track. It's a song that aims to captivate listeners' hearts and transport them on a journey of pure emotions. The EP transitions with “Twiga”, adopting a club-orientated vibe that aims to bring the audience to the dancefloor with its rhythmic beats. Finally, the title track, ”Oceans Planet”, is a dreamy and enchanting piece that demonstrates Tamborder's versatility as an artist. For inspiration, Tamborder drew on the works of artists like Da Capo and Zakes Bantwini.

Through the release of the "Ocean Planet" EP, Tamborder and Paradise Sound System aspire to spread Africa's authentic and diverse musical legacy to a worldwide audience. This partnership strives to bring together continents, promoting cultural interchange and the enjoyment of sound.

“Through this EP, I hope to share the depth and richness of African music with the world, fostering unity and appreciation for diverse musical traditions. I am excited to present 'Oceans Planet' and invite everyone to join me on this unique musical adventure.”

- Tamborder

Pre-save the song here using this link here!

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