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Tef Poe Sends Out a Warning on ‘Be Careful’ [VIDEO]

Today, St. Louis born MC and activist Tef Poe released his new song “Be Careful”. If you enjoy rap with meaning and and unmatched delivery, you should definitely check this out.

While 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, it seems there is still some light that has come from the darkness. For Tef Poe, the adversity he has faced in the last year has only helped to propel him forward and light a new spark inside. On his latest offering, he touches on topics that have closely impacted his own life while warning listeners to be a bit more aware of where they put their trust. Through his unwavering integrity, sincere rhymes, and poetic lyrics, he is trying to make a change. Even though the music is calm and peaceful, you can feel his desperation in the current situation and also passion for a change, as written in his lyrics, “Be careful who you pray to, cuz even saying got some power that can breakthrough.

As an activist, Tef has consistently advocated grass-roots involvement in improving the lives of African Americans and in racial justice. In his art and activism, he insists on the value of local people taking charge of conversations about their own communities rather than relying on national organizations. For his music, never one to stray away from pressing issues and delicate topics, Tef has always used his music as a vessel for his thoughts, and after a bit of a hiatus, he is back with a new single, “Be Careful”, on which he speaks from the soul and preaches to the people.

In a world ravaged by hate, unfair politics, and social injustice, Tef Poe stands to be a voice that represents his people through all the good, bad, and ugly. Go check out his new single and get a beam of light from the darkness.

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