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Terrbile Sons Unveil Stunning new Single ‘You Are the Gold’ [VIDEO]

As a married man, there is nothing I can think of that could be more magical than rocking out with your wife (spouse). Unfortunately I only have enough musical ability to make it sound like I know what am doing and my wife has absolutely no interest at all in sitting in the studio for hours on end listening to loops over and over again… but it’s cool.

When the new single, “You Are The Gold“, from New Zealand based husband/wife duo Terrible Sons landed in my inbox, I was immediately hooked by the indie vibes as well as the tunes overall emotion. Having launched the project in 2018, Terrible Sons has thus far found their stride blending elements from traditional Folk with their own signature sauce and there is non doubt they have found a way to connect. With both parties heavily involved in the writing process, their songs feel organic and worldly as they invite listeners to join them on their journey – a journey we all share in our own way.

On, “You Are the Gold“, Terrible Sons bring the emotional weight of a love song while musically exuding the energy of a dance track. With piano, strings and horns setting the tone, the songs production feels organic and enchanting while both Matt and Lauren deliver stunning vocals that float seamlessly on top. As the tune goes on, the duo hook you in and create a driving energy that pulls at your heart strings while you simultaneously allow your emotions to open up. Beautifully produced and performed, Terrible Sons take things one step further with the hypnotic, arial official video.

Make sure you check this one out and add it to your playlists. This one will hit you in the feels.

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