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Tertulien Thomas and Prophete Craft a Timeless Fairytale in Haitian Creole

With an unwavering passion and a musical journey that burns brighter than a thousand suns, Tertulien Thomas, a multi-faceted artist, has once again proven his musical prowess with his latest collaboration, "Se Nou." This velvety smooth track is a mesmerizing fusion of genres that transcends boundaries, serving as a testament to Tertulien's extraordinary talent and his ability to craft sonic stories that resonate deep within the soul.

In "Se Nou," Tertulien Thomas teams up with R&B artist Prophete to create a narrative of a chance encounter that evolves into a timeless fairytale. The song is a beautiful dance of two hearts destined to find one another, and the rhythm section grooves in perfect sync, mirroring the serendipity of their story.

What sets "Se Nou" apart is its lyrical choice, as it's entirely written in Haitian Creole. This decision infuses the track with World Jazz vibes that transport listeners to a musical paradise, offering a unique and refreshing experience. The choice to use Haitian Creole not only adds a layer of authenticity to the music but also showcases Tertulien's commitment to celebrating his cultural roots.

Tertulien Thomas' artistic journey is nothing short of remarkable. Beginning with his early years in the church choir, he has evolved into an artist with a signature sound that is a mesmerizing fusion of gospel, 70's soul, and R&B, all rooted in classical training. This hypnotic blend allows him to transcend musical boundaries, and with "Se Nou," he continues to invite his audience on a spellbinding journey through the soul.

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